Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Raining Mangoes

It's HOT, in Capitals & Block Letters.
The mercury has already crawled (no pun intended) past the 42 degree notch and there is no sign of the summer shower.

Instead, it's been raining Mangoes, not the juicy ones yet but still mangoes are mangoes. My car has been getting dented by the incessant rain of hard, green unripe mangoes and I'm unable to nail the culprits.

This year, when the mango blossoms appeared, I was gloating. What a feast was in store for this summer? Now I'm wondering; will I get even one juicy mango to sink my teeth into. Just close my eyes and I can feel teeth sink into that pulp even as the juice stains my lips. Mmmm.....

Now, the last two weeks have been a bad dream. My lawn is sprinkled with a daily dose of unripe juveniles along with half chewed ones. My sweeeper threatens to leave if I did not bring the culprits to book. I can do nothing but throw up my arms skyward in helpless anguish because the "culprits" are beyond those outstretched arms.

How, do you arrest horde of ants, bees, butterflies, birds, bats, squirrels & wasps?

I can't climb a tree like I did during my Tarzan days, and neither do I have wings. In any case I don't think the branches were designed with me in mind.

Someone. Help!

I'll share my mangoes with you!!


  1. i like India and this flowers. But Austria is also amazing like India.
    Nice greetings

  2. Another good blog....You are a good writer Rajesh !!!