Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Raining......... Summer Shower's here

2.00 PM

I was gazing wistfully at a mango seed.

No. Not on the lawn but on the tree. I was furious, and justifiably so. The mango thieves were having a ball.
Not enough that they were stealing, they were even mocking me.

It's not enough that the sun was being merciless; the mercury was still at 42, even nature seemed to be putting on it's worst show.

How else can I interpret that forlorn looking seed hanging by its stalk.

My dreams of juicy mangoes seemed to be evaporating every passing minute.

5.00 PM

The sky starts darkening. There is a cool breeze gently caressing everything in it's way. My son runs into the clinic shouting, "Papa, it's raining. Let's go for a drive."

We went on a drive, smelling the fragrance of the First Summer Shower of the season. The parched earth was soaking up nature's benevolence. The rattle of the raindrops on the car's roof was music to my ears.

8.00 PM

My humidity gauge reads 85% (from 50% in the afternoon) and my thermometer shows 23 degrees (from yesterday's 42).

Someone answered half my prayers. Now, if only they ensure that these green mangoes turn yellow and juicy without someone , other than me, getting their teeth in them!

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