Saturday, April 4, 2009

Turner learns to eat

Turner is growing, and fast. His tail has become bushier and stands up stiffly when he gets excited. Now, he's outgrowing milk too. He gives me nip on my finger now and then as if to tell me I'm hungry, but I don't want milk.

I know squirrels love fruits. There is enough evidence of that on my mango tree! I also know they love grains, nuts & cereals. Cereals?!

Now what's that name I have heard on TV about a cereal that increase your memory and make you smart? Some name with K. I'm not taking names because the manufacturer will be upset if he knew Turner ate it. (If you remembered the name you, most likely had it for breakfast today!)

To cut the long story short. I gave a CHOCOLATE flavoured cereal to Turner. One single one. At first he was skeptical. He sniffed at it, turned it around on his tiny paws, looked it over and sat back on his haunches contemplating that funny brown thing.

After a while curiosity got better of him and he picked it up lazily and took a cautious nibble. "Hmm. Not bad". That must have been the thought that went through his mind. Then he warmed to the job at hand. The thing was a little more difficult than he thought.

He gnawed at it, turned it around & gripped it more firmly and kept gnawing at it. "No Sir, this wont work. What shall I do?", Turner contemplated. This was more that he had bargained for and his teeth hurt.

He threw it aside and stuck his tongue out at it. What a silly thing? Tastes to nice but it is not my teeth's friend.

As he turned around a brilliant though struck Turner. "If I can't bite it, I can lick it, can't I? Aha! Why did I not think of it before."

Turner pulled that ugly but tasty cereal and started in earnest. "Umm! this is good".

Now I'm worried. When my son returns he'll find his favourite chocolate K supply exhausted. I'd better tell him that Turner has developed his tastes!!

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