Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Crossing

I've never been to Africa. The one place and an event I want to see before my time on earth draws to  a close is the wildebeest migration on the Masai Mara.

As if like a premonition, I witnessed one that gave me a gentle reminder that the time had come for the great crossing.

Place: Malampuzha reservoir, Palakkad, Kerala

The buffalo were crossing (not wildebeest!!). Sedately, wading through the shallows.

Till panic set in!! They turned as a group and rushed madly back into the safety of the waters. Some slipping in the slush and losing foot hold, others holding ground with panic in their eyes.

The reason. Local predators! Strays?

Five dogs with their owner?
Panic settles. The breath steadies, the heartbeats slow down. Is it safe?
Mid water consultation. The egret contributes to the discussion. The danger is fading from sight.
There is safety in numbers and the brave egret agrees!

The last one is safe and dry. The Crossing is over. Masai Mara or Malampuzha?

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